Liquid Church of New Jersey – Reverse Offering (Video)

On September 25th, Liquid Church of New Jersey is conducting a “Reverse Offering”– giving away the usual Sunday collection of $30,000 cash to all in attendance. The church is also in the process of releasing an additional financial injection of $60,000 into local community projects in all three NJ counties where it conducts services: Essex, Middlesex and Morris counties.
“Washington is broke, people are broke, and folks have lost faith that government can provide a lasting solution to economic issues,” said Tim Lucas, Lead Pastor of the 2,000-member church. “We believe our current economic crisis is a spiritual issue, which is why we are moving forward with God’s recovery plan.” Each congregant in attendance will receive a special envelope emblazoned with the words “God Trusts You!” containing varying cash portions of the Reverse Offering with $10, $20 and $50 bills.
“Every dollar in our economy is printed with the words ‘In God We Trust’… but we want to challenge people with the idea that ‘God Trusts Them’,” said Lucas.
“Jesus talked more about the topic of money than Heaven & Hell combined,” Lucas noted. Lucas is currently preaching a 4-part sermon series entitled “Broke” that teaches churchgoers biblical principles of finance regarding debt & living on budget. Lucas will challenge congregants to “invest God’s money creatively” using Jesus’ “Parable of the Talents” (Matthew 25:14-30) for inspiration.
Congregants are free to “invest” the money any way they wish. The church has set-up a webpage with additional ideas and a way for churchgoers to brainstorm other uses for the divinely appointed dollars they receive.
Lucas cited the example of five families in his congregation who are banding together to bring relief to a Manville, NJ neighborhood devastated by the flooding of Hurricane Irene. “Our folks are showing God’s love by investing their money & muscle where the government hasn’t stepped up yet.”
The church is also dispersing funds to local organizations including Market Street Mission and New York City Relief Bus for active projects helping the homeless & urban poor. All told, offerings of $90,000 will be given away.
“Government isn’t the source of recovery– God is,” said Lucas. “And since God trusts His people, we do too.”

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