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Earnest Pugh – Rain On Us (Video and mp3 download)

What a beautiful Worship Song! Well done Earnest Pugh.

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Rain On Us Breathe On Us means healing waters and a breath of
fresh air coming down from the heavens surrounding us with love
and peace making us better people all around the universe. Thank
you for this anointing. This song touches the heart and fills the soul
with so much joy and happiness. Thank you once again.

I’m going to ignore the fact that the audience is sitting down, when they should be worshiping God standing room only.

I can’t get this song out of my head. I love it dearly. It is a wonderful song to sing during praise and worship, to allow God to increase in your heart so that you can receive the word with a pure heart.

This Song is a really beautiful song that just inspires me when i just feel down.!!! I Have Too say thi song is ranked #1.

The scriptures tells us to keep a melody in our hearts all the time. Well, this is the song for me “Rain on me”. This song will get you ready and if you let it, it will keep you ready. It creates such an atmosphere no matter where you are. This is the song to be sung daily, and sundaily.

I’m praise dancing to this song and we just started the dance about 2 days ago and I love it already:)

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