Charity Missionary Baptist Church: Bible Study: John 14


Startup: What pictures come to your mind as you imagine heaven?


1. Look at the very first sentence in the chapter. For what reasons might the disciples feel troubled at this time?

2. How would you explain verse 6 to a young child? (You may want to include verse 5 as well.)

3. What examples would you give of the “greater things” or “greater works” which Jesus talks about in verse 12?

4. What does Jesus mean by the phrase “in my name” in verse 13?

5. In verse 20, what is “that day” which Jesus speaks of?

6. What are the biggest promises which you see Jesus making in this chapter?

7. Think again of the statement about Jesus in John 1:18. From what you see in chapter 14, what is God like?

8. EYE FOR DETAIL—From what you recall seeing in this chapter, try answering the following question without looking at your Bible: How did Jesus complete this sentence in this chapter: “Because I live,—”? (See verse 19.)


9. Imagine you are the disciple Philip, and you are present with the other disciples and Jesus on the night when the events described in John 13-18 take place. What thoughts and questions do you think might come to your mind after you hear Jesus answer your question the way He does in John 14:9?

10. Keep verse 6 in mind, and answer these questions: Why is Jesus “the way”?

11. In verse 13, look at the process of glory which Jesus speaks of. On a practical level, how would you explain how this works?

12. Look at verse 26. Why do you think this third Person of the Godhead is so often called the Holy Spirit in Scripture, instead of the Powerful Spirit, or the Loving Spirit, or the All-Knowing Spirit?

13. Look at what Jesus says in verse 31. Why does Jesus consider this love so important for the world to learn about?

14. What would you say are the most important things this chapter teaches about the Holy Spirit?

15. How does this chapter’s teachings on the Holy Spirit compare with what you learned in John 3, in the words Jesus spoke to Nicodemus?

16. Again, if you were asked to summarize the most important “marks of Christian maturity” as taught in this chapter, which ones would you mention first?

17. If you had only this chapter in Scripture to refer to, how would you use it to help show someone that Jesus is truly God?


18. What kind of mental habits do you think could most easily block the words of Jesus in verses 1-3 from coming alive in our minds and hearts?

19. How could you use verse 6 in response to a false teacher who said Jesus is only one of many ways in which human beings can reach God?

20. From your own experience, why would you say you need the kind of Holy Spirit described by Jesus in verses 16-17?

21. From what you see in this chapter, what are the most important things to believe about Jesus?

22. In light of how you’re doing spiritually in your life today, which verse in this chapter do you think is the most important at this time—and why?


Verse 6 is one of the best-known examples of how the apostle John uses the word life in his gospel. John uses this word more than twice as often as any other New Testament writer. In the listed references here, look at a few other passages in John where he used this word earlier, and decide together how he would have defined this word—1:4; 3:36; 5:21,24; 6:33,63; 10:10, and 12:25.

(from The Complete Bible Discussion Guide: New Testament, © 1992 by Questar Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.)

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