Rev. Al Sharpton Talks Leadership with Steve Harvey (Video and Book)

Al Sharpton stopped by the Steve Harvey Show to discuss his new book “The Rejected Stone” and the essentials needed to be a good leader.

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The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership

Video: Lexi Interviews Pastor Kim Burrell

Bishop George Bloomer – He Ran and He Worshiped (Video)

Mark 5:2-9

Bishop George Bloomer Anniversary Celebration Banquet September 12, 2011

Bishop George C. Bloomer’s New Look

One of the good things about Fellowship on Facebook is that we get to be connected with a lot of profound theologians, thinkers and other believers who just want to fellowship with one another. Well one of my rituals with regards to FB is to visit other people’s pages and see if they have a word on there that I can use.

Well today I saw a post that had Bishop George C. Bloomer’s name on it. However the man in the picture did not look like the same Bishop Bloomer of Durham, NC that I was accustomed to seeing. So I thought to myself, well you just friended another bishop with the same name, that’s why he has the initial “C” in there to differentiate himself from the other guy. Right…wrong. Much to my pleasant surprise this was him. He apparently has lost a considerable amount of weight.

I do not know how he lost the weight. I will not begin to speculate. I know that he has children who love him and grand children who feel the same.  As I am sure does his congregation. All I can say is that I pray that his weight loss has blessed him with better health and longevity.

So many of us in the black community need to take a serious look at weight loss. Not in a fad way or an unhealthy way, but in a way that will lower our chances of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart Attacks. Dr. Oz says, just 10 pounds can do it.

Well I thought I would share some before and after pictures with you so you can see for yourselves. What do you think?

God Bless you Bishop Bloomer and grant you continued health!

Be Blessed,