J. Moss new single, Good and Bad, from his upcoming album titled V4.

J Moss Good and Bad Lyrics:
You love me through my good; You love me through my bad
You love me through my good and You love me through my bad, Jesus
You didn’t erase my future because of my past;
I’m glad You loved me through my good and my bad

Through my good; And my bad.

You keep on loving me;

Every blessing and request that You’ve granted Lord
You could’ve withheld but mercy intervened
Through the rebellion; Through all of my short-comings

(This My Favorite, Right Here)
You keep on loving me; You keep on loving me; You keep right on loving me

Through the good and the bad — You never stop loving me
What You are to me; No man could ever be
You see through every mistake; Through every stumble
You prove to Your children; You’ll always be there
Through every slip; Through all of my issues

You could’ve been finished; You could’ve been gone
But you put up with me — Kept on teaching ; Kept on loving me; Yesssss
What I love about You is Your love runs deep
You gave Your life for a wretch like me
Who else would’ve done that; Who else could do that
Nobody but Jesus — Nobody but Jesus

(through all my good) and my bad
I’m glad You loved me through my GOOD and BAD


Good & Bad

  1. Nicole Savage says:

    Hello Bro. JMoss
    I’m loving “Good & Bad.” It speaks well to my spirit. It’s also my testimony. Thanks for such a wonderful song. Im going to pick up your cd when I go out today. I heard your song on Praise 102.5 FM Atlanta. (Yolanda Adam’s Morning Show)

    God Bless You!

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